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Authorised Resellers

Authorised Resellers
Winfinity electric Pte Ltd only sells through Authorised Resellers.
It is Risky to buy from Unauthorised Resellers as products and services may be compromised.
Why buy from Authorised Resellers?

Our Authorised Resellers are well trained on all of our products and services. Unauthorised agents may provide wrong advise due to poor understanding. As a result, you may suffer losses or inconvenience.

Losses may include void of product warranty, injuries and/or financial losses.

Warranty Issues

When you register a product warranty, you must provide proof of receipt and warranty card from an authorised Reseller.  In addition, serial number and model number must be valid at the point of registration. As our warranty is not transferable, purchases made from unauthorised agents will not be valid. Hence, products will NOT be warranted.

Safety Issues

Products purchased from Unauthorised Agents may NOT be properly certified. Hence, it is risky to install such products at home or at work place. Only products from authorised Resellers gone through proper screening and testing before we deliver and install for customers.

Verify your Agents / Dealers / Resellers

To be rest assured before making your purchases, kindly click here or call Winfinity Electric Pte Ltd to verify the Agent, Dealer or Reseller with us first. This is to ensure your safety and protection.

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